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SVTF: Center Console & HIDs

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Purchased a pristine 2002 SVT with 29K miles.

Intro thread there:

Most important, I would like OEM HIDs Mach headlights. Finding out they are 600 each, is bit too much to swallow for me. For the pair at 600 shipped, I would do it. Are my only NIB options then...

Hella Dynabeam and Depot?

Fitment is very important to me, and so is PnP. If I get the Hella's how is the fit and finish, OEM? What else do I need for my non HID car? Are they still available? The thread I found was started in 2011.[dunno]

I know swapping HIDs into a BMW or MINI, you had to program the ECU for it. I am sure this won't be the case for the focus.

EDIT: After more searching, the Dynabeams are just projectors? Not true HIDs? Another model the Hella Celis model appears to be xenons?

Not a huge fan of the depots, experience from other platforms.

My other want, on a much lesser degree, is a center console.

After research, I found a center console I am interested in obtaining. the thread noted it as an 05? Does anyone have a part number and know if this is still available from Ford? What year range was this available?

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All consoles from 00-07 will fit, 00-01 has smaller plastic cupholders though.

Hella makes both the Machs and Dynabeams, so both have OEM fitment. You'll need the VW pigtails to make either of those lights work for a non hid car.
Not all dynabeams are HID correct? I would then have to buy an after market ballast and bulb in addition to the Dynabeam head lights them selves correct?

I don't do wiring, so this is not a DIY job for me. I have done after market HID's but they were plug n' play. Same as converting my old 540i.

I'll have to see how much this will cost to do the wiring. Gets expensive fast.

Thanks for letting me know.

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Dynabeams are halogen and have the swiveling projectors, then there's the HID version with fixed beams. They both look exactly the same. People put aftermarket HID kits in the DBs for the best of both worlds.
Are the HID versions still available New in box? All i found was what appears to be halogen.
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