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SVT & ZX3 parts, 2k mani, ported TB, & more

Selling off some zetec extra parts and a few things off my svt parts car. Feel free to make requests for other SVT parts, I've only listed things that are off and ready to go.

Located in Hutchinson, KS 67501

Listed, owned, and sold by me.

Best contact method is by PM or email at [email protected]

Prices do not include shipping. Actual shipping plus 3.49% + $0.49 for PayPal will be added to the listed price unless other payment method is used.

***Prices are subject to change from original post.


2000 manifold, unmodified - $80

Zetec throttle body with rough port job. Didn't realize it was the earlier year TB until I was this far along. Just needs some touching up and smoothing, most of the work is done. - $50

Off Road Pipe, 2.5", unknown make, obviously not stainless and has cracked and been welded up on both sides twice. Came off an SVT. - $75 - SOLD

SVT airbox side snorkel snake thing - $20 - SOLD

SVT thermostat housing with thermostat, New replacement part, good condition - $80

Escort Thermostat Housing for Zetec , cleaned and rebuilt with brand new 180F Thermostat and new seal. Has not been installed since put together, easy ready to go upgrade. Has quality TLC in rebuild, was not thrown together. May even have gasket to go along. - $100

Used Escort Thermostat Housing, generally cleaned up and inspected. I have 2-3 available, good for replacing faulty factory zetec housing - $50/ea

SVT brake booster line - $20

Kent Cams adjustable cam gear. Seems very worn down - $20

Standard Cam Gear - $20 - 3 Available

SVT Throttle Body w/ sensor - $60 - Available.

SVT vct solenoid - $200 - SOLD

SVT block heater, includes mounting screw, slight crack where plug-in is, otherwise fine - $Make offer

SVT pcv tube, elbow and valve, all like new - $30

SVT pedal cover, average wear - $20/ea or $50 for all - 3 LEFT
After market SVT replica pedal covers (2) - $30 for the pair.

SVT IMRC with bolts - $100 - SOLD

SVT upper grill, oem, all tabs broken - $50

SVT cat, good shape - $150 - SOLD

SVT Passenger Motor Mount Bracket/Timing Belt Cover, I have 2. - $40/ea

MBRP 2.5" Stainless Exhaust - SOLD

4-1 Header w/egr provision, complete kit including flex pipe. Fits standard zetec. It's raspy - $150

SVT Power Steering Line (HP) , includes sensor, heat insulation is in good shape - $75 *Return line - $50 Both for $110

SVT Stock Wing - $80 - SOLD

SVT Center Console with 12V port and lengthy pigtail - $80

SVT Leather shifter/E-brake boots, average condition - Your pick, $25/pc

SVT E-brake Leather Handle - $40 - 2 Available

SVT Oil Cooler, no hoses - $50

SVT Steering Wheel, average dd wear, no air bag - 2 Available $50

SVT Air bag system parts - driver/passenger bags, seat side bags, control modules, sensors, computer/keys-ignition/instrument cluster/whatever - PM me for details.

SVT Degauss Cover - $25 - 2 Available

SVT Spark Plug Cover - $25 - 2 Available

SVT 28-29mm Rear Sway Bar, can include used hardware, has light surface rust from DD - $120

SVT Shifter Knob, average dd wear - $20

Zetec TPS for manual, bought it brand new and modified for hardwire. Wires are soldered to the pins - $30

ZX3 Rear Wiper Motor and Arm, I have 2, can separate - $30/ea

MSD Coil with MSD Wires, used - $80 - SOLD

SVT Header Set Up, complete - header/cat/flex, dipstick, ps line, new black fiberglass wrap, hardware... PM for more details. - $500

Custom built 2.5" Magnaflow Flexback. Pipe is crush bent, came off my ZX3, bolts up directly to a SVT header setup, 4" resonated chrome tip, NOT A RICE CAN! Can be cut and shipped. - $250

SVT Airbox Setup, complete, PM for details. - SOLD

SVT Airbox snorkel w/ mouth piece - $50 - 1 Left

SVT Airbox upper half with MAF tube - $40

SVT Brake parts or swap available, PM for details.

Misc trim and plastic parts from Zx3 base and SVT available, inquire.

***Some items not currently pictured, PM me about them, I probably have pics taken, just not uploaded.

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