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SVT won't shift out of reverse

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This weekend my SVT shifter would not come out of reverse. I was able to go under the air box and push on the linkage and release it. It seemed to get worse each time it stuck and more difficult to get the shifter out of reverse. I assumed it was the linkage bushing but took it to the dealer. They said there was an internal issue with the trans and they do not open up the Getrag to diagnose the issue but R and R with new. The cost for new trans is 4 grand! Does this sound like internal trans issue or cables, adjustment, bushings.....
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Jeff. That sounds like linkage to me. And the cables aren't bad priced just a pain to do. One other thing to look at is the spring tightening clamps that hold the linkage to the braces that are on the transmission. If the ever have been taken off most people turn the clamp area to far off and the internal spring disengages. Easy to spot due to the spring will be loose on the linkage, sometimes completely out of the clamp.
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