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SVT swaybar (?) disconnected

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Changed my tires yesterday from winter to summer. While looking around in the front wheelwells I noticed one of the "bars" under the engine was disconnected on the right side. This is a tube that goes from one wheel to the other under the Focus SVT engine. I don't know the right name for this bar. Swaybar maybe ?

In the left wheel well, the "bar" was connected by a small ball joint to a short strut that connected at its other end to the whee/brake assembly. On the right wheel side the short stub was disconnected completely from its "ball joint" and hanging freely from the wheel/brake assembly.

This can't be good - but how bad is it ? [paranoid] Should I get it fixed immediately ? Is handling/safety compromised (I haul a trailer occasionally) ? Has anyone else seen this problem ?
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UM YEA GET IT FIXED lol, prolly not major, just helps get car balanced and such, well rear one dont matter, front one YES get it fixed/put it back on
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