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svt subs box size??

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alright, i have bassworks sub box for my 10" sub, and way too big and i dont like it, slides all over the place, jumps on bumps, so i just hate it, i wanna build my own box and mount it somehow, like svts stock and just cut a right size hole in the carpet so it would stick out a bit or w.e. but would slide around and stuff... so can anyone gimme the size of the stock box and any pics of or anything how the mounting looks like? or any other ideas where to mount so it wouldnt take so much room and wouldnt slide around
thx in advance
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well, two things i will recommend

dont do the svt box, its nice and all, but it will take a LOT of work to get the sub to fit and sound right

i would say get the molded enclosure, thats pre-fabbed for either a 10 or 12

i know someone had linked to a seller on ebay on here that was selling them. i dont have the link though


make a false floor, and use l-brackets to hold the box down
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