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i have for sale are svt pistons and rods one piston has a broken ringland but machine shop said the rods and other 3 pistons are good. i have the intake and exhaust valves and springs and valve tappets
offer up forgot to add this to the header and cat post idk how much valves springs rods and pistons and svt steeringwheel and airbag go for shoot me an offer

b. dallas tx
c. offer
f. pm me
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Looking for an oil cooler and a oil separator, STAT! PM me, and send live action pics to my phone.
Also, WTF do all the moderators have a problem with part outs for? Yes, I can understand the whole stolen car angle, but seriously, been on here for a year+, car posted in profile. Those of us who care enough to keep a good one good and not rice it, are at a point where these parts are needed. I'm in the process of getting a proper cat bracket fabed, full stainless spec, with OEM/HFC/ORP compatibility. Not to threadjack, but, grrr!

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We do not have an issue with partouts.

We do have an issue with no prices being listed.

Please post a price according to BST rules
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