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Hey all, I've gotten an SVT that's good for nothing more than parts.
I know the suspension/brakes are compatible with my 2005 ZX5, but I had a few questions regarding some other parts compatibility, namely engine and drivetrain.

-SVT cooling fans: First, are they any different than the base models? If they are, will they work with the Duratec engine?
-SVT radiator: Same questions as above.
-SVT gauge face: I know the gauges themselves aren't compatible, but can I take the insert and put it in my gauges? I heard that they won't light up without the auxiliary gauges, but what if I cut the two red wires coming off the insert and solder them to the gray (module? I don't know what you would call it, the thing the wires go to) from the stock gauges?
-SVT steering rack: I assume this is interchangeable with ours, correct me if I'm wrong.
-SVT catback: I doubt it, but a lot of aftermarket exhausts (including the FSWERKS one) are listed as 2000-2007 hatchback. Well, now that I'm looking at them, the parts numbers on the SVT stealth exhaust is different from the Zetec/Duratec exhaust.

If there's anything else I'm missing here outside of the brakes and suspension that would be compatible, let me know. It doesn't have an engine so if it's attached to it, I can't use it. But it would be nice to know about those parts too.

Thanks for reading!
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