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1) Tom at
2) Diablo Predator
3) $350 (slightly used)
4) 3 days
5) Purchased tuner from a former SVT owner who traded up to an RX-8. Very helpfull and honest person that gave me a great deal. Install took about 10 minutes with Tom on cell phone walking me thru the install. Tom was very helpfull and knowledgable. Tom also provided me with a new tune (for a small fee) thru email to go with all the mods currently installed on my SVT. As far as driving impressions go it seems as if the DSI kicks in at 3K instead of 5K. Car pulls harder than before and is pretty much a different car. As far as sounds go, I was expecting the car to sound different from all the input that has been shared BUT maybe with the ORP my SVT has installed I can't notice. Highway driving is also improved as far as pulling power is concerned, step on the gas and it moves without hesitation. I am pleased with the outcome and will DYNO my car in the near future as well as put in some track time to see if the results will show on the track as well.
6) Tom is very helpfull,friendly and is there for his customers. He returned my call on a Saturday morning and walked me thru the install without hesitation. He sent me a new tune within hours of our conversation thru email TRUSTING in me to send him the payment on Monday .
7) Dyno will be posted as soon as it occurs.

L8R Joe

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Toms the S#%$!!!

1. Tom Sr.
2. Diablo Predator with Tom's magical touch.
3. 523.00 (should have been 548.00 but Tom covered part of the overnight to TEXAS!!!
4. 24 hours
5. Totally different feel. The torque down low is awesome! The power is seamless now, no dips or lags can be felt from 1000 all the way to redline. The useable torque is a godsend! Tom why didnt ford have you help write the ECU for this car??? Anyway I guess we'll never know.
6. Install went great Tom answerd all questions I had prior to install. This guy is awsome, after I tried to put factory tune in to show friend the power difference i erased Toms custom tune. He emailed me the same one the next day and now everything is gravy baby!
7. Will post link as soon as I get a chance to dyno!

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1. Focus Sport
2. SCT X-Calibrator
3. $325 w/2 tunes
4. 3 weeks
5. I found the install went like everyone else using the X-Calibrator. About 10 minutes to suck the original program and 8 to upload the new one. First impression on startup was the much quicker start without the high revs. Settled right down to 900 in a couple of seconds. After letting it idle for a few minutes to let the car get acquainted with the new program, we went for a ride. Very nice! Throttle response and torque much improved but it seemed the intake and exhaust were quieter than before. At least at normal cruise. When cranking on it the power builds nicely and is stronger all through the rev band. The 'camminess' of the stock program is gone but only because the much improved low end makes the transition to the big power much smoother. Most dramatic change that I can definitively measure is the gas mileage. On the last 3 tanks it has improved from an average of 30 to 33mpg in my normal commute. Not bad at all!
6. My transaction with Randy and FS was done on the web and I have had no reason to contact him other than to say thanks for a job well done.

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1. WHO you got your tune from: Tom
2. List what flasher your tune came with: Predator
3. How much? : $515 (tune=$100 Predator=$395 Shipping=$20)
4. How long have you had the tune : About two months
5. Give a review of your tune : Drives better/More Power through all six gears/Starts better/Easyer to launch or get going/All around more enjoyable to drive.
6. Give a review of your tuner : Talked to Tom and said I wanted it, paid him, received it in about three days. What more could you want?

You have to look at it that you are buying two diffrent things when you buy from Tom. The tune which is only $100 and then the $395 predator. Together it seems a little expensive but when you break it down that you are paying for two diffrent things then it dosn't seem all that much. Both items are worth the money and the Predator is cool as hell with the data logging, live data streaming, code reading, code clearing, etc... In my opinion alot better than a box with blinking lights.

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1. Wayne Foy, Hypnotic Illusions Automotive:

2. SCT Xcalibrator

3. $345 shipped

4. Couple days

5. The tune is simply awesome! No more high cold-start idle, absolutely no more surging/stuttering at any RPM. The lower/midrange is now nice and meaty. I can safely drive shifting at 3k without getting run over by traffic. The raised redline (7600 RPM) is also nice, especially since the power never tapers off. Alot more usable power...after a shift, you are right back in the powerband and the DSI has never closed. The DSI brings me to another comment: it sounds awesome now. Previously, you could slightly hear when it actuated at 5k RPM. Now, it literally roars when you pass 5k at WOT. Overall, I'm very pleased..IMO this is how the SVT should have come from the factory!

6. Wayne is easily the best Focus tuner I have dealt with. Actually, he rivals many of the VW tuners I've dealt with over the years...which speaks volumes about Wayne's work ethic and character. Awesome guy to deal with!

7. No dynos (yet)

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1) Randy at, I got the Pro-Racer package but had him do an optimized tune for 91 octane (PR is for FI later on)
2) SCT Xcalibrator
3) I purchased the pro racer (so I can make my own tunes once I go FI and comes with the raptor datalogger), think it was $800.
4) About a month
5) First flash took a while, around 15minutes because it downloads your factory tune. Did not have to pull any fuses even though my car is a EAP car. After that car started right up, idle fell fast, I backed out of the garage and took off. I immediately noticed more low end grunt, there was no more surging (I only had surges when cold before) and also noticed that the car pulled a lot better in the midrange as well. I also noticed the DSI switch over sound at 5300 more then I did when it was at 5000RPM. I turned my traction control off, it now went fully off without the ABS intrusion under acceleration and also noticed that ABS still worked fine during braking. I then turned it back on and found the ABS was still part of the TC but only when turned ON (like it should have been from the factory). Overall very pleased, I did the Steeda SR right after the tune, the tune was by far the most noticeable between the two. Between the tune and the SR I have also gained 2mpg average the past 4 tanks of gas.
6) Randy answered every question I had, and continues to work with me on the questions I have had with the Pro-Racer package.
7) Keep in mind this is a 91 octane tune, not 93 like a lot of folks are getting and able to run. Also it might look like I lost torque down low but there are a few reasons it probably looks like this.

For one I also did the Steeda SR between these dyno's, with my stock airbox I was forcing the car to only ingest air from the front intake scoop near the radiator (cooler air temps there vs the side vent was my reasoning). But this also means my entire intake duct work was also ~2ft or so longer which could have helped low end power. However I still think the car launches easier now then it did pretune/preSR, and feels like it pulls the same from 2500RPM-3000RPM as it used to from 3000RPM-3500RPM (there always seemed to be a lull in the powerband up to 3000RPM with the stock tune, then there was a power surge, now it seems like it starts at 2500RPM).

Second, they started my new run at ~3100RPM instead of 2200RPM like last time (dyno was very busy that day). It takes a bit before the ECU fully switches over to WOT and gets things going, which could explain why the numbers start out lower, especially with our VCT. I wish they had started at 2200RPM like before, but they were having tach issues with my car so I didn't notice they were starting so late till after they were done.

And lastly, they had some major issues with my car's tach reading that day. I made 4 runs and this was the only one the tach did not freak out on. My best (3rd) run was actually 155.5whp, but I use the 154.4whp for showing because the tach worked on it. The torque would have obviously been better on the 155.5whp run as well, and the run I am showing was only after a few minutes of cooldown from the 3rd run.

Look at that flat Air/Fuel curve....he nailed it dead on which I did not expect long distance. I was actually hoping I could improve upon it, but there is no sense in doing so when you average 13.15 (NA you shoot for 13.1-13.2) [:D]

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1. Hypnotic's tune
2. SCT Xcalibrator.
3. $345.
4. 8 days, Wayne needed to order some cables. then 10 minutes.

I'm not going to go into the passionate stuff, it's already been said, I'll Focus (ha ha) on some issues I'm seeing and, to me, the strongest features of the tune.

Issues: First, I'm one of Wayne's few customers at altitude and, therefore, he needs to guess a bit to on our tunes. That said, I sometimes experience some difficulty in cold starts, the car starts then struggles around between 500-800 RPM, until I can get the revs above 1000 RPM, my engine isn't much good. This lasts for 10-15 seconds or so, not really a big problem. Second, there is some light surging betwen 1500 and 2500 RPM when transitioning from cold to warmed up; it's barely noticable but it is there. (NO THREADS ABOUT SCT TUNES SURGING PLEASE!) Third issues is I occasionally hear some light detonation . This is quite infrequent and may be due to the quality of gas Costco purchases, I haven't experienced it with Sam's Club gas; note that at altitude, the highest grade available I've found is 91.

Okay now on to the good: my favorite thing about the tune is the reaction when I step on the gas. With the stock tune, the engine would seem to need to "spin up" before anything happened. With Wayne's tune, the power is ready and on tap as soon as I step on the gas. I suspect that this "readiness" exaggerates the surge I feel.

Next the low end power is greatly enhanced, launching is trivially easy now, no more having to bounce the accelerator to prevent the dreaded bog. The engine really pulls from 2000 and up with a very pleasant kick around 5000 RPM.

My car is now quieter than before. With the stock tune, pressing on the gas usually generated a "raspy" note similar to a 125 motocrosser engine but with little results until the revs got above 4000 RPM. With Waynes tune the above 4000 RPM sound is throughout the power band, the car SOUNDS better because it's RUNNING better. The rest of the time, the engine is properly fed and controlled so it's running quitely and efficiently. One thing nobody has mentioned, is with the tune, there isn't really a reason to shut off the AC compressor, there is plenty of power to keep the AC running as well as get the car off the line; the days of bogging down to 1000 RPM while Spectras and Accents race away is over

My mileage hasn't improved too much, I used to get 26-28 miles/gallon, so far I've seen 28 and 29 over the two tanks of gas I've run through.

Support and equipment: Wayne supplies the programmer, cable from the programmer to the OBD port, the cable from the programmer to the PC with AC adapter. Everything needed to program the car and, if needed, upload new tunes to the Xcalibrator, nothing else is necessary. I e-mailed Wayne about the surging and he sent me a tune he's working on, it was very smooth but didn't not deliver the power that his stock tune delivers; I returned to his original tune after a few days.

Wayne supports his customers for six months following the original tune and is considering a $75/year support contract after the six months is up.

Summary: The SVT focus must be quite a difficult car to "get right", Ford didn't get it right with their original tune, didn't get it right with YRF0 either. It's a pity too, the SVTF is a great car with a crippled tune and a too-short lifespan. It's good for the tuners like Wayne who provide an excellent product at a reasonable cost but shame on Ford for forcing SVT owners to have to resort to tuners to get their cars to run right.

The Librarian
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1) Hypnotic Illusions Automotive - Wayne.

2) SCT XCalibrator.

3) $345 plus $5 overnite shipping (split the $10 charge with Wayne).

4) 4 Days.

5) Install: Tune installed without any problems per the detailed instructions provided.

First Impressions: I can not stress how much this improved the low-end and mid-range power.
Nothing short of phenomenal. I find myself running one gear higher than I used to for the most part.
You have to "hold the reigns back" so to speak, on the engine as it revs SO much freer now.
Very impressive.

Drivability: My car with the factory tune did not exhibit the problems most have had,
except for very slight surging between 2,500 and 3,500 rpm.
What surging that was there, is most definitely gone now.....non-existent….smooth as silk.
I don't know how much the gas mileage has increased, but upon first impressions,
it will be by a measurable amount, which is a great bonus, considering the power gains.
I keep good records, so I'll provide an update once I get a few tanks under my belt.

Issues: The TC defeat feature is not working for my car. [:(]
Wayne is trying to get it figured out.
It doesn't sound like anyone else has had this problem.
I will keep you updated with what he finds out.
I'm also still in need of the cable and power supply for the PC hookup,
since he was out of them at the time I placed my order.

6) Wayne is a great guy to deal with. Most enjoyable to talk to on the phone,
very willing to answer any questions, and provide any information you may need.
I have no reason to suspect otherwise, that the follow-on support will be as stellar as the intial support.
Thanks, Wayne.
BTW, I also received a cool T-shirt and SCT emblem in my package. Nice!

7) No dyno, and highly doubtful to even get one in this state.

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1) Turbo-Tom.

2) Diablosport Predator.

3) $515.

4) About 15 Minutes, and wow.

5) Install: Tune installed without any problems. The instructions , and on screen prompts provided were adequate.

So far, I noticed the T/C switch is working as intended.
Also stoplight launches should go alot more smoothly as well.. will update if the thing give me any problems.

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1. then Tom's tune
2.Diablo Predator
3.$399.99 for diablo then $150.00 form Tom's
4.Diablo a week, Tom's 2 days
5.The standard predator tune was pretty good suprisingly but I wasn't completely happy until I purchased Tom's tune then my car came alive with something I didn't think that it had in her. The power all around is very impressive and very smooth and natural, Tom set my idle at ~1,000 rpm and did some other things for me and its so amzingly worth it, words cant describe the difference in the whole car now. JUST DO IT!!!
6.Tom has the best service I think I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Fast email response and willing to go out of his way to help, we need more people like him. THANKS TOM!!

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1. FS SCT XCalibrator
2. Just the basic 91 OCT. Tune
3. $300 (after a $25 coupon for being on FS's mailing list). Then the price went down less than a week after I bought it's $299.95. Ah well.
4. 1 week
5. Install went well. I was too eager the first time and I blipped the throttle right after I started it up, so my idle was messed up (too high). I reflashed it and let it idle for 10 minutes (at the advice of Randy at FS - great guy). After second flash, it idled a little goofy (1200rpm and it didn't return to idle right away), but after a day of driving (90 miles) it was great. I don't know if the T/C was fully disabled, but it works like normal when it's on and I was able to smoke the tires at a stoplight with it off. Mileage is about the same, maybe a mpg or two better than before. I'm getting 28-30mpg at 70mph (on the highway) - my commute is 45 miles each way. I guess I was hoping for more.
6. Got XCalibrator in two or three days. Tuner is a decent guy on phone.
7. I don't have a link to my ass-dyno (would you really want it if I did?!), but car feels WAY snappier, responsive.

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1.Hypnotic Illusions Automotive
2.SCT Excalibrator
3. $355
4. Less than 24 hours
5. The install was fine, locked inside the car for 10 mins lol but worth it. TC was gone, thank you very much. The car just seemed to fly threw the gears i was going 100 so fast and had to slow down. anyways over all yes go out and buy this product.
6. Good job all around so well done.
7. NA

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1. Wayne (HIA)
2. Xcal 1
3. 345 US dollars
4. about 4 days
5. The tune is nothing short of a total fix for all the problems with my car. The surging is completly gone and the car seems to run much smoother all through the powerband. On take off the power at the low end is noticably higher than it originally was. The tune makes the RPMs drop quickly down to 900. I have not had problems with the temp gauges as some have stated. BUT the traction control is not deleted. I seem to be having the same problem as WD40 with the late build number models. The unit was easy to install and everything went very smooth.
6. Wayne has been nice to me the whole time even before buying the unit, he said if there was any problem just to call (which I plan to do!) not that traction control delete is much of an issue for me because I don't really drive my car hard 97% of the time.
7. no dyno going to get one soon though.

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I've got Wayne's latest tune that addresses the surging and uneven idle. I purchased my tune from Wayne in mid March with a fairly agressive tune. Everything was improved except there was bit of a lumpy idle and a hint of a surge. The tune improved the powerband across the board. I read on this fourm about Wayne's latest and most refined tune and Wayne kindly sent it to me.

Refined is an excellent word for Wayne's latest, my car starts instantly and settles down to a very smooth idle. The engine is smooth during acceleratino and the car runs the way it ought to.

One caveat: when upshifting during low RPM "hard" acceleration, there is a perceptable lag when re-engaging the clutch, the duration is a fraction of a second and happens when upshifting around 3000-3500 RPM. I believe it only happens when the car is transitioning from cold to warmed up and is more apparent with the AC running.

This Caveat is a REALLY minor thing, in hard acceleration (upshifts at 5000-7000) there is NO lag and the car really pulls. For around town driving shifting 3000-4000 RPM without flooring the acclerator, there is also no perceptable lag. The circumstances under which it happens are when the car is cold and I early shift with the AC on.

If you've got one of Wayne's older tunes and are beyond the 6-month support window, it would be worth sending him $45 for the update and continued support. Wayne's tune is still too good to be true.

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1. Tom from
2. Diablo Predator
3. 495$ +3% through paypal + 20$ shipping
4. 4 hours
5. I only have two words for this, "The WOW!" Really though, all of what the others have describe is true of my observation of the tune's performance. Absence of choking while coast to a stop, idle raised slightly to 1k rpms. As for what I can feel in the driver's seat? No more lag when trying to get on the gas. I only know the traction was disabled because I kind of slammed it while traveling midway through first and realized that I was not gripping the ground. There is a definite increase in low end power well into the whole rpm range. I feel like I now have to re-learn how to drive this car with the added power. I've always been used to really hitting higher revs to get her going, which is now not necessary.
6. Eventhough I may have had some trouble maintaining contact, Tom's product speaks for itself and for his work. I am definitely pleased with the end result and consider this to be a definite gateway for future business inquiries. Tom's also told me a few days for the product to be here and a few days is what it was. Again many thanks to you Tom. This only makes me love this car more than ever.
P.S. The diablo predator hardware is really an impressive piece of machinery and I'm glad I made the choice to go this route.

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sct 2

1) Hypnotic ( Wayne )
2) SCT X-Cal 2
3) $360 shipped with flasher, port cable, PC cable
4) 2 Weeks or so
5) after i installed it right, i noticed what everyone else did. start up is much better, idle goes down quicker. also, after startup when im driving, its more comfortable because the cars response isnt sluggish like it was from the factory. i notice a lot more pull in 4th gear. seems to be a little better low end pull but not that noticeable. as for getting up to 100 mph, it still takes a while. overall, im satisfied with the mod. it really helped out the factory quirks electronic wise. good buy.
6) wayne is a hard person to get a hold of. ive emailed him a couple of times and he hasnt responded back. the only time that he did, he didnt answer my questions. calling him seems to work though.

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1) Hypnotic (wayne)

2) SCT Xcal1

3) 300 shipped - price reduced with the sct xcal2 - ordered friday came monday!

4) 6 hours

5) Install is very easy. I used a battery charger, then I unplugged 2 fuses, then I plugged in the SCT to the OBD-II hit 2 buttons and turned the key to ON and it did its thing. I didn't put the fuses back in and i freaked out when the car didnt' start lol. Once the fuses were back in it turned on and the revs dropped down to 900 in about 3-5 seconds. It was very hot today so unfortunately I didn't feel a big boost in performance. Even with the A/C off it didn't feel like i had gained 20 lbs of torque at 3k rpms. Even if this doesn't boost my performance, the thing makes the car so much more driveable. If it cost 1000 dollars it wouldn't be worth it, but 300 bucks? Thats nothing for the wonders this thing does.

6) i never talked to wayne about this. I just ordered it and it came. No complaints though.

Btw. POST 500 Right here - :D [thumb]

on thin air
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1. Randy @ FocusSport (rla6&zed0) & Waynes Street Tune from Hypnotic
2. SCT Xcalibrator2
3. eBay $243 + 50 for FS tune / 60 Wayne's tune
4. A few weeks now
5. rla6 | zed0 | waynes street

rla6 & zed0
Randy gave me both of these tunes incase one didnt take well.
The rla6 definitely runs better on my car, but the launch still has that "bog" . Once you get past that it goes...smooth and strong. I then looked to see if any codes came up and then sent my report back to Randy and asked what I might be able to tweak to help the launch. He told me that one of the codes was most likely a busted DSI Clip. [rolleyes] Once I fixed the DSI Clip, it ran a little better. Still would like to see a little better launch. I heard back from Randy a few days later and we are going to work on that rla6 a little more, I think.

Zed0 tune ...the launch was a little better, but didnt seem to pull as strong as the rla6 when it was up and going.

I had some money burning a hole in my pocket so I talked to Wayne and had him make up a tune for me. Night and day, I think. the "launch" is much better and runs like a beast Overall, I will most likely keep Wayne's tune in my car for twisties and around town, and maybe run the RLA6 once in a while for highway driving.

A few things I must say about Wayne...He sent me links to the apps that go with the SCT Xcal2 and also two tutorials that briefly go over how it works. I am also liking the fact that he offers 6 months of tweaks and upgrades with the cost of your tune and made sure I could get everything onto my sct. Awesome customer relations!! He even followed up with me the next day to ask about the tune....these little extras are what are having me lean a little more towards wayne when it comes to tunes.

Now that I have a nice little cache of tunes, I will have to start tinkering with

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1: Hypnotic (Wayne)
2: SCT XCal2
3: $360.00
4: About 15 minutes so far (I will update as I get it)
5: RLA1 tune for 93 Octane and 900 idle
6: For my few emails Wayne was prompt in his replies.
7: Idle seems tighter no hanging revs, Exhaust seems a lil louder/more grunt. The Car's performance doesnt seem like a big improvement, but it was a solid refinement on the powercurve .

I have a Wideband O2 on order and when I get a ORP with a 3rd bung for it, I will get some more clear A/F data.

I cant wait till the user tuning, and self contained data logging.
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