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1. Wayne
2. SCT Xcalibrator
3. $345
4. Just got back from my first 15 minute spin with it.
5. For a guy that took three hours to install a short-throw shifter this was soooo easy. Wayne's instructions get you through it quick and easily with no problems whatsoever. As long as you read the instructions you will not have a problem. First thing I noticed was how quickly the idle dropped from 1500 to 900, took about three seconds. Next, as I backed out of the garage I noticed the changed exhaust note, it doesn't pop as much and sounds a lot smoother. Then, I put it in gear....

Oh... my... God... My VF mount is no match for this thing! The torque is unbelievable, floor it in 2nd at 3K rpms and you are PINNED. This is the best $345 you will spend, period. The torque is there and it is obvious, the car scoots right on through the powerband and it comes in early.

6. Wayne has the best customer service I've ever experienced, his wife even woke him up so he could answer some last minute questions for me before I ran the flash (I didn't ask her too, she did it on her own). This guy knows the deal and knows how to treat people right.

7. N/A
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