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1. AmazonRacing
2. SCT Excalibrator with PC to Xcal cable and Extreme Tuning Software
3. $375
4. 2 Days
5. From 20 on, this car pulls like no other. Makes YRF0 look like a 2 year old wrote it. No more crashing idle, surging, bogging off the line, etc. My driving style is; ger it going to about 20 and just lay into it. My tires instantly fight to grab the pavement. Pulls hard to 7600.
T/C Edit - With the switch off (no light) it barely activates...when you hit the button, TC is gone. No more 21mph burnouts!!
6. What can I say here to not sound biased!!?? My tuner is the best! ;-)
7. No Dyno yet...tuesday I hope...
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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