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1. Hypnotic (Wayne)
2. SCT Xcalibrator
3. $345
4. For about 8 hours
5. Install was super easy. First thing I noticed after I turned the car on is my "gurgle pop pop" from my exhaust is gone. Idle was raised to 1k per my request, now my steering wheel doesn't shake from the rear engine mount. RPMs are steady and never dip below 1k anymore. I can cruise in 5th gear at 2.5k with now problem at all now. Here's something I wasn't used to, exiting a turn in 2nd gear and actually accelerating!
6. Wayne is awesome, very quick replies. I ordered my Xcal friday morning, got it saturday morning. (Actually missed the mailman so I drove around the neighborhood hunting for him and got it from him[:D])
7. No dyno
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