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SCT Hypnotic WAYNESWORLD..that's
$345 american
A couple o'months
I ditto all that love the new response. No sputter/cough/wheeze/stumble..just push you in the seat like never before. I can more than"chirp" in 1st and 2nd..even got some in 3rd..but that's not what I was looking for...but a serendippity none the less. The exhaust growls now..not that it was's...matured, without being too loud or offensive. The neighbor woman(in her late 20's I guess) came over with her b-friend and asked.."what kind of car is that? A FOCUS?!!! It sounds so gooood!" Gee, thanks. From someone that drives a Highlander!
You can take corners a little differently now, or should I say..coming OUT of corners..pulling power is there! A few of us our going on a 10-12 hour rally through parts unknown in eastern AZ in two weeks, lots o'twisties and straights and cliffs and...well, I can't wait to see how things go.
Wayne is a gentleman, scholar, world traveller, has a warped sense of humor(takes 1 2 know 1), and will get back to you with that girls phone num...wait..with the answer to the question you had asked asap! He also bought an SVT to play with and become even more knowledgeble for future reference. Once I figured out paypal, I received in 3 days..install is a matter of 10 minutes..just like all have said. He'll send updates for free for 6 months..haven't yet asked him about that...YET!
On 6-30-04 I had my car dynoed at Locash Racing in Phoenix. ( Joe, the owner, had a bit of a problem getting rid of some electronic interference when doing the pulls on my svt. The best pull(drop in k&n) showed hp at 145.55 and torque at 133.84..but it had SPIKED to 133...just before the spike all pulls were around 128. Not too seemed most stock svt's were around that.
On Saturday,3-26-05, I returned with a few Focus Friends. Upon hooking everything up, Joe experienced the same electronic problems. The 1st pull showed 152 hp and torque spiking to 151! Two more pulls did the same thing(within 10ths of each other). He made a few more adjustments and on the next 3 pulls, all were consistant. Hp now is a steady 153.91 and torque is 137.06! 8.5 increase in hp and torque! NOT BAD...he likes it..HEY Mikey!
Now..another svt did a run with a pipercross hooked up and ran 148.29hp and 133.42tq. When he unhooked the intake his numbers were 141.13 hp and 127.56tq! NO tune..just stock except for the the intake and 3 engine mounts. I think I can match or at least come close to revamp with an intake. I know my friend wants to get the SCT from Wayne...he drove my car and could feel the difference.
If/when I do another'll be the 1st to know.
Overall rating..10!
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