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1. Wayne (Hypnotic Illusions Automotive,
2. SCT
3. $345.00
4. 24 hours
5. Read instructions, hooked up my battery charger, plugged in the tuner, pressed 3 buttons, looked @ the lights to verify it was doing what the instructions said it would be, waited 15 minutes, unplugged the tuner and started the car. It's really as easy as 1, 2, 3. Wayne even goes through the trouble of taking pictures of the SCT lights so we know exactly what pattern he's describing. All in all, getting a paypal account setup to give him the money for the tune was more complicated and time consuming than installing the tune itself.
6. Couldn't be happier, he was available to help me every step of the way, answered all my questions about it in detail, I'm in Michigan and he's in Georgia - ordered the tune on Thursday - had it at my door on Saturday.

After starting the car up I took it for a few runs - first things first the lower idle and lack of bogging made backing out of the driveway a breeze - I no longer have to feather the clutch and break just to keep the car from accelerating to 18mph in reverse down my driveway. Then was the T/C test - hit the button, put both front wheels on snow covered road and popped the clutch at 1500. Nothing but spinning, no brakes, no RPM drops, just good ol fashioned spinning. Next got moving at around 25 across the snow with the T/C killed, slammed on the brakes, and sure enough the ABS kicked in just fine and kept the car from spinning. From here I went to a big corp center's vacant parking lot that had been plowed and was good and dry. The back of the lot has about a .5 mile stetch of even asphalt - wow. Finally, the car performs the way it should perform. 0-100 comes with ease and I cannot WAIT to get the new shifter/engine mount. No bogging, launches that work, acceleration that's smooth and even across the RPM range. Just a great great product.
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