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1) Hypnotic ( Wayne )
2) SCT X-Cal
3) $345 shipped with flasher, port cable, PC cable
4) 3 Weeks or so
5) Abso-friggin-lutely love the bloody thing. Car runs like a champ now. Easy install, instructions that came with the unit were the finest and most thought-out I've ever seen, period. Took about 15 minutes from start to finish, with the longest time taken by downloading the OEM program, the upload happened so fast it was like the car couldn't wait to receive it, lol.
6) Wayne's a real gentleman, great person to do business with, as he expands those looking for mods aside from his flasher would be doing themselves a great disservice to not seek him out.
7) Dyno slips coming, car's stock numbers ( as taken in Denver, CO ) were 144.6 horse/131.9 TQ, I'm expecting a significant improvement.
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