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1. Tom's tune,
2. Diablo Predator
3. $515
4. just installed yesterday afternoon
5. install very easy, takes 10 min! i did it during a break at work. There's a big difference with the tune vs. stock. It acceralates much quicker, the exhaust sounds deeper, no hesitation, and no hanging revs. I've only had it for not even 24 hours and i'm very happy with it!
6. it took like 1 week to get it to me but it was the post office on my end. the only problem i had was that the first one he sent me, it didn't work on my car. it kept saying "unable to read vehicle type". i called Tom and he had me do a couple things with the flasher and he decided that it was bad from diablo and he sent me another one the next day. i got it the next day and it worked!
7. no dyno
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