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1. Tom Lesperance (

2. Diablo Predator

3. $495

4. just over 5 months

5. Hard to install, but that was typical at the time - this was done in the field, and not much was known about bench-flashers and nothing was known about removing the fuses to get T/C control cars to take the flash - this was one of the first cars to get the flash. Took five tries and several hours to get the flash into the car. Impressions were immediate - no bog, slightly higher idle, much fatter midrange and a bit more power overall, different sound, much better general driveability and it made driving with A/C on much more pleasant. One of the problem areas that YRF0 (which I upgraded to from RLA6 after two months of ownership) did not entirely fix was cold-start behavior upon hot restart - it would act cold again for a block or so, even if it had been driven for an hour and shut off for a minute and then restarted. Tom's tune took care of that for good. YRF0 had almost eliminated 2k-3k RPM surge, but the Diablo tune killed it dead. No gas mileage impact at all.

I have always been under the impression that my tune did not change the T/C system's behavior in any way - this was one of the first ones, and I don't think Tom had that down then. I will be testing one of his recent ones over the next week or so - I have the s/w and the cables to hook up my Predator to the PC now. As I understand it, he can now basically make the factory T/C switch act the way it should have all along - it defaults to on, but when you turn it off - it's off.

6.I did not have the unit sent to me - I arranged to meet Tom at a Fun Ford Weekend in New Hampshire - a long drive for me and a busy race weekend for him. He made himself available and worked to overcome some of the technical glitches that cropped up (this was back in the day, now [;)] ). He would not take my $$ but just asked me to send him a check if I wanted to keep it, and just return the Predator - with his tune in it - if I didn't. I left and drove 535 miles home. Sent a check later in the week.

7. No scan of my dyno - done at McNews a couple of months later. Peak hp was 149 @ 6600 rpm and peak torque 133 @ just over 5000. Typical bulge below 2500 and from 4000-6000 that these tunes exhibit, compared to stock. Only performance mod other than the tune is a Pipercross drop-in. I have no baseline dyno. Have not fooled with datalogging - yet.
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