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1. Wayne (Hypnotic Illusions)
2. SCT X-Calibrator
3. $325
4. Had this tune (and subsequent tweaks) approximately 3 months
5. So far, this has been the best thing I have done to my Focus. Low end power is more than improved, takeoffs are easier and more consistent. My car was running dangerously lean from the factory (17.1 : 1 A/F) in the lower RPMs, now running about 13 : 1 across the board. Able to exit corners in the appropiate gear, instead of having to go one gear lower just to keep the car moving!

Installation was simple: remove the #46 fuse and away we went. flashed throught OBD-II port, back when bench-flashing was still prevelant. Takes about 12 minutes to flash the PCM, but well worth it when you consider the results!
6. I chose to go with Wayne because of his customer service (even before I was a customer) I swear no allegiance to SCT or DiabloSport, I could really care less what hardware I use...I do care about the results and confidence I feel in the product I purchase, and I am supremely confident in Waynes tune. And, I know if I have a problem, it will get taken care of in a timely matter. No worrying about not being able to get in touch with him, heck, he emails me to see how things are going! i have received about 10 updates from Wayne, all requested by me based on my cars particular response to his tune.

7. My most current dyno

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