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Wayne's tune

1. Wayne (Hypnotic Illusions Automotive,
2. SCT
3. $345.00
4. 36 hours
5. Instructions are very easy to follow, made sure all lights were off, plugged in the tuner, pressed 3 buttons, waited 10 minutes, unplugged the tuner and started the car. ( one thing, the cable is long enough just roll your window down and start the install from outside your car that way you don't do what i did and trap yourself in the car for 10-15min LOL )

6. Put's a smile back on my face when i drive my SVT now. I drive 100 miles per day round trip to and from work. It's fun again! :)

First impression, WOW acceleration much better!
No more bogging in first when you start out ( hated that )
Over the most i noticed was the TQ seems way better ( had to adjust Clutch/gas/shifting a little to compensate ) no big deal. Wayne was GREAT ordered FRIDAY morning got the tune SAT afternoon!! wanted it overnighted, I got it overnighted WAYNE is great!
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