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1. Tom's tune,
2. Diablo Predator
3. $515
4. installed today (10 Feb)
5. The install was super simple, from start to finish was about 10 min. First impressions: No more surging!! The powerband is more evenly distributed. This tune makes the entire diveline seem silky smooth, smooth power through all RMP ranges. The 5k DSI 'kick' isnt as noticable. This car runs like it a friggin stallion now. Traction control is FULLY disabled with a poke of the button, like it should have been from the factory. 1st gear launches are much smoother with no bogging and plenty of pull right into 2nd gear. Im smiling again while driving, like when I first bought this car. Only draw back is there is no upload cable included. You will be required to purchase an upload cable to uplaod new tunes into the Predator.
6. Tom is a great guy and will answer any questions you have. He will customize the tune to your liking and will match it with your current mods. The unit was ordered on Friday, and I received it on Wed afternoon.
7. no dyno
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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