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SVT Nitrous

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Questioning nitrous for my car. Searched the forum quite a bit and read the Nitrous thread by Viney and also a thread that Tom was involved in. I have put some items together in a list after reading both threads and know a little more about what to buy to have a safe set up.

But what I did not see was an actual safe number for gains? Maybe I missed it? I'm wanting a 75 wet shot set up, is this too much for the svt motor?

I have a friend with an RX8 that has been neck n neck with me performance wise for the longest time and he just set up a 50 shot... fail
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Safe can go a long way , What octane , if you use 110 octane I would say a 100 shot would be safe with proper pills and tune

On 93 I would say start with a 50 shot and work your way to MAYBE a 75 with a good tune and AF Guge

What are your plans

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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