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A) I have a 2002 svt motor and trans for sale. It has 118k miles on it the po had overheated and warped the head so they had the head sent out and gone through by bell machine in Louisville ky. They reassembled it and but everything back in the car. Once in they found the engine now has a tick noise. At this point I bought it knowing I had a motor and trans I could put in it. The motor and trans have been sitting for about two years in a dry barn. Intake is separate from the motor for transportation. And the injector rail is in my house had to use the one off this motor cus one of the injectors on this rail is not firing properly. Some transfer of parts is necessary, the main hot wire coming off the alternator is missing and the thermostat housing leaks. If any questions please ask.
Edit: also remembered that speed sensor needs to be transfered

B) located 28 miles north of Louisville ky on 71 area code 40050 not willing to ship at this time



Last pic shows how new the head is compared to the rest
E) the seller is me kyle (ktmracer358)

F)contact me on here or [email protected]
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