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Seems to be a hot topic these days so I gathered the info in one central location.

These are the Ford headlight part numbers
2M5Z-13008-HC RH qty. 1,
2M5Z-13008-HD LH qty. 1,
YS4Z-13A006-CA Headlamp jumper wire qty. 2

Click here for install instructions

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but how much? do they give the true hid lights or is that extra...i have this

Note: You don't have to use the 13A006 jumper; it just lets you switch
to your old lamps if needed.

2M5Z-13008-HC List $389.03 Inet $277.88
2M5Z-13008-HD List $389.03 Inet $277.88
YS4Z-13A006-CA List $51.85 Inet $38.89
D9ZZ-14526-C List $1.76 Inet $1.32
VW1 $2.05 x12
VW2 $5.95 x2

wonder if i can get them cheaper?
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