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So I've bought all that I think I need, except for figuring out how to do it.
Svt header ✓
Svt flex pipe ✓
Svt oil tube and dipstick ✓
Exhaust wrap ✓
2.5" flex pipe back exhaust ✓
CAI 2" ✓
CAI Filter Rain box ✓
Exhaust manifold gasket ✓
Exhaust manifold bolts ✓
*Had a flange made up of of 3/8" steel for the header pipe to be bolted to, then to pipe then to flex
Still needed:
Xcal and tuner from Tom
Cat or ORP (* welded to pipe)
Where do I put O2 sensor bung
How do I connect in the egr pipe
Is there a special hanger needed for ORP.
I've already installed the svt suspension (shocks, struts, springs), along with the rear stabilizer end link polyurethane kit, replaced rear transmission mount with polyurethane mount inserts, and changed to the copper plugs.
Recently replaced oil pan and windage tray gasket, water pump and serpentine belt, and just got front spindles with new hubs and bearings pressed in, yet to get those back installed. (Took the spindles off a junker and had buddy with press help with the bearing hub assembly)
I would like to get the header and all done, but was wanting to know if it's dangerous to have it done then drive on it that way for a while without getting the tune and xcal.
I'll need to get a second job I swear. Whole family riding on me, but I'd like to get these darn parts on the car before something happens to them. At the same time, I don't want to ruin my daily driver. I do have a 00 se I could probably get running, but sohc sucks.
'04 ZX3
446,347 MILES!
Never rebuilt, but probably getting close, can hear my rod bearings and valve lift some.

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Still waiting to get some money together. Ugh. Two kids and ole lady no job. I need time and more money, but don't we all.
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