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a. SVT header, cat, flex, manifold gasket
b. Chilliwack, BC, Canada
c. $400 CAD plus shipping. I'm in Canada but near the border so US shipping will be from US soil, cheaper for you. estimated $75 shipping but will get quotes for serious buyers.
d. Photos - see below
e. Person placing ad - Owner
f. Contact info - PM me.

Had it shipped up from the USA to Canada, but before I had it installed I found some other more rare replacements, so looking to pass them on to another Fanatic.

Everything is mint except the O2 sensors. They look to be damaged due to wiring bends right at the sensors, and other wire damage. I can ship them along with the kit if you like, but I was just going to use my current sensors.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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