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---SOLD--- SVT engine (92K miles) for sale

---Item is SOLD---

--Please close the thread--

Up for sale is the engine out of my 02 SVT.

I've swapped it out for a built engine and it is surplus to requirements.

As far as I can tell the engine is the original one and hence has about 92K miles on it. It was running prior to it being removed (although the idle was a bit rough when cold prior to warming up).

The engine will come with what is shown in the pictures below apart from the inlet manifold which I will remove prior to shipping. The alternator was damaged during removal (the connection post for the +ve was sheared) and hence is only good as a core exchange. I can include additional coolant hoses and the thermostat housing if desired, just tell me which ones.

If there is any doubt as to what is included or the picture is unclear, please IM me and ask. Don't assume something is included if you can't see it.

I am looking for $250 plus shipping OBO.

The location zip code if you want to price out shipping is 13148 (Seneca Falls NY). The engine will be secured on a pallet but I have no means to lift it onto a truck so the shipping will need to be with a liftgate equipped truck.

Contact me using the forum IM

Thanks for looking

WP_20150104_19_10_50_Pro by simonbradshaw69, on Flickr

WP_20150104_19_12_08_Pro by simonbradshaw69, on Flickr

WP_20150104_19_12_25_Pro by simonbradshaw69, on Flickr

WP_20150104_19_13_09_Pro by simonbradshaw69, on Flickr

---Item is SOLD---

--Please close the thread--
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