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Alrighty then..... So it's a bit more than I thought it would be, but this is just a quickie estimate and the final price could either be higher or lower.... these don't include shipping, except for the tires which include installation (I'll let them do it, because then it's free rotations for life). Also this is pretty much everything I'd put into it, minus the paint schemes for the inside of the car (silver and black) which means redone steering wheel, carpet, and reupholstered seats...

I know every one of you probably thinks I'm crazy having estimated the price at around $15K to make the "Gold SVT Sedan," and still wanting to do it...

BUT, I think I could actually do it... most likely I will be getting a scholarship to the school I want to go to for my bachelors in Auto Tech... I'll likely end up working for Ford (yes, again, I'm looking at you ) where I'll be provided with insurance, gas, and a car... well, for free, of course! ( I know it can be done, a graduating student just did that a few years ago...)

Either I take out a loan and get all the parts for Foci (while probably having a Mustang or new Foci to drive) or I slowly progress and buy parts at a time (the turbo would be last of course, least necessary to make an SVT conversion).

So, the parts list:

Xios SVT Turbo kit $4,250
Tom's SVT Engine $3,700
CFM Flexpipe 2.5" $170
SVT EAP Wheels 17" $580
SVT Brake Conv. Kit $996
SVT Suspension $296
Getrag 6 spd Trans. $800
Quaife Differential $600
SPEC stg.2 clutch $549
SPEC Alum. Flywheel $419
Vibrant 2.5" cat conv. $85
Kuhmo Ecsta SPT Tires $560
High Flow fuel pump $122
SVT Front Bumper $300
ECU $200
Tach unit $30
2 slot pillar gauge pod $57
Auto Meter Oil gauge $66
Auto Meter Boost Gauge $62
Euro '02 Grille $95
Spyder Chrome Projectors $213
OEM Sedan spoiler $262
Misc Stuff $300

Total $14,712

note that I may or may not need all the above mentioned items, but a few things come with some of the kits......but does that seem right, $500 for tires?? bleh... comments though? (and don't say I'm an idiot cause then that'll only make me want to follow through more...) [lockdance] oh yeah, and I'm aware that I'll be bottlenecking the rest of the 2.5" pipes when it hits the exhaust (2.25") I just don't want to mess with that again...

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your best best is to buy an svt off of carmax for like 7 grand
yeah I probably should have mentioned that I don't want just the actual car itself... though I mean it'd be nice, but I don't want a hatch [:D]

And yeah, I figured I'd have to have access to a wrecked SVT, because I'd need all of it's internal electronics like the ECU and wiring harnesses and such... hmm and the ign. cylinder and hopefully the keys......that way I'm still driving an SVT to the car's pc [:D] and the main reason for that is so I don't have to reprogram my keys...

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good idea on the keys
yeah, cause doesn't PATS just read the code from the ECU and it's suposed to match the key as well, or it won't start? so i figure: same cylinder, same key, same ecu = no reprogramming

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true..... but maybe if I go to like err..... pick-n-pull or something, they'll have one... I mean, wouldn't it cost a ton to buy the whole car??

oh yeah, sad story..... the local news was giving their usual accident reports and I noticed that one in particular was frontal collision on a silver SVT...
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