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svt brakes ?

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im typing from my cell phone so dont mind my typing mistakes and i couldent search. however i ordered svt front brakes from mike for my 07 focus st and i was wondering will i still be able to use my 16inch rims for winter time or is there not enough clearence anyone with any input would be helpful
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IIRC, stock 16's will work, but not all aftermarket 16's will. If someone else knows for sure, chime in here.
I believe so. I've got some aftermarket 16's on my ZX3 with full SVT brakes and haven't had a problem. I've seen the stock 16's from an '01-'04 used with SVT brakes with no problem, so I'm assuming the stock ST wheels will work as well. I just haven't seen ST wheels used with them, so that's why I can't say for sure.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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