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Went to island drag way on Friday. I did alright considering it was about 30 degrees lol. Here are my 3 best runs

60' 2.271
330 6.406
1/8 9.820
Mph 71.91
1000' 12.763
1/4 15.249
Mph 90.44

60' 2.306
330 6.432
1/8 9.812
Mph 73.69
1000' 12.737
1/4 15.224
Mph 90.54

60' 2.364
330 6.467
1/8 9.849
Mph 73.53
1000' 12.776
1/4 15.264
Mph 91.06

This is on an almost complete tune (haven't logged with the afr installed yet, but it is running good) and never dyno'd for my adjustable cam gear. Have it set to -2 according to my butt dyno and looking through the dyno thread, if u have one let me know what you have it set at. Other mods in profile. I also have over 170k miles on the motor and the clutch

This is me racing my buddy's 87 300zx sorry for bad quality
Svt vs v6 mustang. This was my worst, spun the shit outta my tires. Got like a 16.1 but still won. The next race I smoked him. You can hear the svt roar nice in this one ;)
Svt vs g35
Svt vs gt500

I really don't know which races were my best but all of my top 3 were against my friend in the 300 (go figure lol) not sure if I have videos of my best

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There's a formula I use that uses the MPH to determine what the vehicle will OPTIMALLY run in the 1/4 mile. I say optimally as that means no traction issues, starting and shifting like it's a race car, etc. In other words, improbable if not impossible for a FWD street car on street tires.
The formula is 1320 / MPH and in your case your best MPH of 91.06 equates to a 14.49 ET.
In essence, in a street race on a roll, your opponent is going to see a mid 14 second performer. The track is the great ball buster!
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