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Hi all!

This is my first forum topic but I have been lurking around for about a year or so. :)

I am going to lower my focus sedan again. Right now, I have the SVT kit on it, full poly front and rear, Moog swaybar links, the ZTS 16" alloys with some capitol UHPs.

I am looking for a level or semi level looking ride, firmer than the SVT, around 25-50% and a drop of around another inch to an inch and a half. I would not be opposed to new swaybars and am looking for springs and dampers. The car is a DD, but I am young and appreciate what a car is meant for, point a to point b and back with some fun in between. The car also sees Auto-X on occasion along with spirited mountain drives. I am looking to spend around or under $700-800 for the job. I also, if need be, wish to do camber plates and camber bolts to get it back in spec. Upper strut thrust bearings where in the mix as well along with the 'air gap' shims for the rear.

Later this spring, I will be getting a set of motegi 125's and some H&R spacers, 15mm front 15mm rear to widen track but keep the natural rotation so that is also something to think about as well as the stock wheels are 6" wide and the new ones will be 7" wide.

I have read almost every forum on the subject, here and FocalJet, but most have so much info and options it is overwhelming for when I got to buy and just get frustrated. From what I can gather, I would like to go the Eibach Sportline route, but I hear they are rather soft in the rear and bottom out? So I checked H&R, they offer a good Sport Spring at 1.5 drop. But Ive read that they may not drop that much. 'Some are only getting .75' Same with the Eibach Pro-Kits. So I look at the entire kits, shocks and springs, and while eibach has good springs, I hear their shocks like to let out the magic goo. I however do not want to spend $600-700 just on a set of Koni Yellows with H&R races right yet. Also, most of what is on here is, or is, about the hatch while I have the sedan so that raises more questions.

I would greatly appreciate input or thoughts and if you're in the eastside 509, keep an eye out for a infa-red LX masquerading as a ZTS! [8)]

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