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So, I'm finally close to addressing the long neglected suspension on my '05 Saleen. Here's the list of what I already have:
  • Ford Racing SVT Damper Kit from C-F-M
  • NOS Saleen lowering springs
  • Massive Rear Disc Brake Kit
  • Moog ball joints,
  • Moog inner tie rods
  • Moog tie rod ends
  • Moog stabilizer bars
  • CV axle, drivers side (passenger done)
  • Moog wheel bearing (passenger done)
What other low hanging fruit should I add to this list while I've got her tore down?!? End links are a must based on what I'm seeing. I ran across a whole bushing kit at some point but can't find it again, but thought that might be appropriate.

Let's have it community, dont want to tear this back down for at least 30,000 miles.

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I'd swap out your A-arms for CFM's tubular also add rear toe links to the order......

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Thank you sir, was going to just private message you as your answers carry a lot of weight with me.

I don't see that they offer them anymore?!? Are they available but not listed on their website?

Also, I'm nearing the end of my budget and have a lot of attention already on the front. Was thinking I would assess each part in the rear as I break it down. Will definitely do the rear toe links!
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