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Hi guys.

My name is Rafael, and i typing from Brazil.
At 2015 i buy my first focus, was a MK3 S manual. Last week i just buy a new MK3,5 2018 titanium plus with sunroof.

When i get the car on the dealer, the sunroof does not open, the dealer says its a problem on the roof motor and will repair on the warranty. But... Reading the foruns of Focus fanatics i came to know about the reset of sunroof. Make the procedure and the sunroof work normally!!!! Thats no problem with the motor! Damn dealer!

But today, when i arrive at home, the sunroof was fully opened and i press the sensor to global close the car when i noticed the sunroof dont close all the way. I tried 2 times and the sunroof stop in different points but close from the end.

I ask... Is there any procedure to solve this? Its look like the car dont know the exact position of the sunroof and dont close the enough.

Sorry about my english. Very thanks friends for the help.
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