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Last night whilst driving on a snow covered highway (very cold, single digits) my car started behaving oddly, Its never done this before. All the sudden it would pull to the right or left, just like as if you tapped the brakes on one side only. Eventually this caused me to lose control of the car, thank God nobody was near me as I almost spun out but managed to get control of the vehicle again...

I've read the recalls/TSB's on the vehicle and they mention rear wheel bearing corrosion, and the previous owner told me he replaced the drivers front wheel bearing because it was making a bunch of noise...

Just a personal guess but at slower speeds it didnt seem to happen, and since i just got the car - ive driven on snow before but never on a snowy/icy highway. It may require slick/high speed conditions to bring it out of the woodwork.

Just wanted some feedback I guess...
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