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So after numerous trips to my dealer (2 hours one way) I have finally got the approval for my SECOND clutch replacement. The tech said that not only did the clutch fail, but the "actuators" (only quoting it because i dont know how they work and if someone wants to explain that would be great, if not ill go look) failed also. He said hes only ever seen both pieces fail at the same time on one other car. So my car is more unique than your car..*BOOM*!. He will be calling next week when the parts get to him and i will be doing my monthly updates on the success lol. Id assume they would either do the f revision clutch or the d with "brown" seals...correct? Ill see when the job is all done. Im hoping they are getting better at this clutch tired of burning up mileage and money to make these trips. Guys at the dealership are worth the trip though. Honest bunch of dudes.
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Sounds like the drive to that Dealer is well worth it!

I suspect that when we see cases of multiple clutch replacements at least some are from undiagnosed problems like your actuator diagnosis.

Catching that & doing MORE than just replacing the clutch assembly again - props to that Dealer for a good service dept..
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