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Well this is the first offical kill of a person I did not actually know.

I followed this LS Integra until we got to the suitable highway area and as soon as I pulled up to next to him he knew what was going on, which I was thankful for. As far as I know he has Intake, Exhaust, and it is lowered. That is just by me listening and the visuals, but he could have had more done...but I doubt it. So anyways we both slow down for a second gear pull, I honk the horn three times and we both stomp it. I pulled about a car and a half away from him and shut it down at the top of fourth gear to let him catch up. About a minute down the road we both hit a red light and line up, I talk to the kid and we both agree to go all out and race. Light turns green and we are both off, he gets the jump on me (my fault, horrible launch) but I'm ahead of him by the time I shift into second and have my car door to his front bumper and still slowly pulling away. I had to shut it down alittle bit before the top of fourth because of a car in my lane up ahead and I was going to pull any crazy stunts (because thats just stupid). Next red light we talked and he said "What is that a zx5 or something", I reply "Zx3" and he says "Nice car man". I also tell him my mods, which are:

UDP/FS Stealth Exhaust/FS Intake/Ported stock TB/Short Shifter/SCT Flashed (FS tuned)

It was a fun race and I just have to work on my launches, hah.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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