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ok, so far ever since I have been into focus', I have never had one mess with me on the street. FINALLY, some guys in a 2000 Black ZTS with some tint gave me some fun on the way back down to LA.

I think I was on I-95 somewhere around D.C. My Dad and I were cruising along with traffic (i think it's 70MPH on I-95.....whatever.....), and I see this lil' black focus com on from the onramp with 2 guys in it. I thought to myself "that would be fun if this guy would mess with me".....and don't you know it, he follows me for a bit, and shoots out and starts passing cars in front of me...I take the bait and when I catch up he is nearing his limiter on the stock ZTS (me myslef having owned a 2000 Black ZTS, and knowing he was on it at this point) I get next to him and take off, and I know at that point that he is at the limit for his car (speed limiter, that is)....I keep going and he drifts back. I slowed down, and he caught back up to me. We had our windows down, and I laughed and told him he must be close to his limit. He just looked at my car and we went a bit more. It was fun to see how hard I could pull on him. he eventually went straight, and we spit off.

It was cool to finally have someone in a focus mess with me. I thought it was even cooler that the first one to do it was in the same car that I used to have. That was even better.

I just thought I would share that, not anything crazy, but just something that happened on the was around D.C. That was on Saturday mid morning.

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