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STREET: ME, an EVO, and an Interstate

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ME, an EVO, and an Interstate

... Had an opportunity to enter an on ramp behind an Evo yesterday. I saw him see me in his rearveiw. Wasn't sure if he has gonna go for it so I stayed in 4th as we merged and swung for the high speed lane. He went for it but had to slow down for 1 car blocking the lane, then it was open road ahead,which also gave me the chance to dn shift to 3rd, and we're off....
Thru 3rd...4th... and the top of 5th ...dead nuts even. couldn't get to 6th cause traffic ahead. As I see him see me again in his rearveiw, his eyes as big as my HID's....PRICELESS ... The little Ford held it's own...
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the 04 ...and yes jordan, it is turbo'd. I know I coulda done better, and I don't want to sound like I'm making excuses but I did a leak down test last Fri and #4 is losing 75--80 % with the other 3 at 40 ... ring time...
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