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Last night right before I got home, I noticed a squeaking noise as I was hitting the accelerator. The noise only kicks in when I hit the gas, and only when I'm under about 40mph. If I hit the gas when the car is parked, or going over 40, I have no noise. The noise seems to come from the drivers side, but I can't seem to pinpoint if its from under the hood, around the wheel, or what.

It's been really cold around here lately, with snow and ice. The car also has a leak from the sunroof, and we had a lot of moisture come in the day before. We also had a lot of things repaired a week and a half ago at the dealership, (which cost a ton!), so I'm hoping this isn't anything major.

The car is a 2000 Focus SE, automatic.

Any help you guys can give is definitely appreciated.
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