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HI all,

I wonder if you can help me with my wifes car?
its a 2005 1.6 (115bhp) model and it has an intermittant problem that is driving us mad.

last year it kept running rough and eventually broke down. the local garage replaced the coil and updated the ECU ( though at one time we needed a new ecu)

this year the car has developed the following problems but only occasionly ( and never when the car goes into the garage)

in 4th gear it has mild spluttering and hesitant to pull away when the throttle is pushed.

when left idling after a short run ( 5 miles or so) the engine revs drop (so much so that you think it will stall but it never does) and then come back to normal.
the engine light comes on and goes off after 5 or so restarts.

it has been back to the garge several times but they can find nothing wrong.
the management codes say that the problem is realated to the coil .

I have read about the iac hose collapsing but its not that.

the garage cant really do anything until the fault happens again and we take it there which is a pain.

i tried the iac aircon test: when the ac kicks in the revs drop a bit and then cathc back up.

does anyone have any ideas of what it could be ?

all help appreciated.
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