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Hi, I have had a few suggestions from friends and other forum but things have progressed and I will try and explain them in order. It's a 1999 Zetec 1.8 petrol.

This may be co-incidental but I ran low on fuel, found petrol filled up just 1/4 tank as was expensive there and then drove 30 miles ok. I go to park and the engine is sounding very rough when it's normally fine. It was very late at night so didn't do anything.

Next morning (day 1) I fill up with more fuel about 3/4 tank so I can add some fuel cleaner stuff in. I gave it some revs in low gear as this was recommended to try and unblock any clogged injectors. Now the car now starts to continue driving/holds revs when I take my foot off accelerator (I didnt think that happened first thing when drove to petrol station this morning but its only a 2 min drive), I kept it off down a whole dual carriageway! Plus revving a bit when slowing to stop and putting clutch in. it jumps a bit when accelerating aswell, hard to explain.

Day 2 I don't use it much this day other than take it to ask mechanic about it and he said, after just a test drive, he thought there was an air leak somewhere and something about sensors but would need to be booked in for diagnostics next week. It still has same symptoms for him to witness.. rough idle, revving when slowing to stop, holding speed with no foot of pedal, jerky when accelerating.

Day 3 I use it but it seemed better in terms of dropping speed when foot off accelerator. Idle is rough. Revving still. and still jerky accelerating

Today. Extreme revving when came to stop, to around 6... I whipped straight into neutral and took foot off clutch but in that split second it didnt stop so I just switched engine off. This happened twice. Engine still rough. New symptom, little bit of revving when changing gear.

Any ideas would be great. It had a new clutch 18 months ago so wasnt expecting any problems with that. No idea why the engine suddenly sounds crap at idle. Nor why the car can continue to move forward when foot off accelerator. Strange all these things happen at once

Don't want to spend much on car, i'm actually now quickly looking for another. But in case I dont find something suitable I wonder if it's worth investigating this one. It also has loss of power steering at slow speed but the pump and radiator are still under warranty and there is no actual pas fluid leaks at all. This has been the case for last month.

The car is basically very unwell atm!


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Mechanic could well be correct with the first guess.

Check for bad hose/vacuum leak, may be intermittent. PCV hoses are a common problem area (more than one to look at).

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