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stock 08 dyno

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ok no mods 100% stock making nice power the boost in power is about 6-7 hp and no TQ but the one i am comparing to have a cool flow

i love this one cause it show the shift spikes and say i make over 200tq

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are these your car's dynos?
i added both to the dyno thread.
nice #'s guys and thats stock huh? dang shoulda waited a year till I got my when you guys gonna to s-more mods?

And honhon congrats on the girl dude! I hope you get her a fofo for her first car. although they will prolly be flying by then.
thanks.... and there may be a possibility my 07 will still be around sitting in the garage then... [shhh]
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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