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I have a 2005 ZXW 2.0l with a sticking throttle body.
I have cleaned it, lubed the body and cables and pedal, even gently sanded the butterfly valve inside. I was all set to buy a new thottle body when a mechanic at work solved my problem in 10 seconds!!

Here is what you need,
1- cummins square cut o-ring #36828262 $7.00 approx(mine was free)
2- a tiny bit(1 drop) of silicone.

That's all!!

Put a little silicone on the inside of the o-ring and shove it over the adjusting screw that is on throtte body.(side or end that is facing the ground)
That's all!!

My idle is fine and no more sticking throttle body!!

Hope this saves you guys a ton of money!!

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