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Did you ever figure out what the problem was? My 2015 focus does the same thing and it's killing my ears. Thanks.
Personally, I only know it was the box that folks here call a "Head unit" and ebay calls a receiver. Bought a unit from a junked vehicle on Ebay for $80 and it's gone. The sound also went away when I unhooked the receiver.

There's a post on the previous page:

where one person seems to have located two parts that overheat inside and if covered in thermal paste the problem goes away.

So, it appears that aside from just unhooking the radio to make all noise go away, you can -in order of expense- try the following:

-Apply Thermal paste on the hot parts. $8 but you have to open up the radio
-Buy an used radio. I found DIY installation is pretty easy if you buy one from a car with the same configuration. $80-100
-Buy an aftermarket radio and mounting if you can deal with trying to get it to interface with the Vehicle. $250-400 or more if DIY, even more if profesionally installed)
-NEW OEM unit NOT from Ford. Individual linked above found a supplier for $260.
-Buy a head unit from Ford. I was quoted $350 without installation for a refurb unit. Others have been quoted MUCH more for a new unit installed.
101 - 103 of 103 Posts