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steering wheel noise,

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First of all, this forum is awesome! last time I asked a question I got the best answer and it was so fast, thank you guys for being here.
This time as I turn the steering wheel to the left I hear a noise, it is like something is loosened on the left wheel! it happens even when the car is off! Could you please help me with that? by the way, once I turn while I'm driving I feel a little bit of vibration on steering wheel. it doesn't happen when I drive straight forward.
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Repeated 'clicking" when wheel is turned while driving is a typical CV noise, but you wouldn't hear it stopped.

Anything loose on the side could cause a click when the wheel is turned stopped, most likely is a loose tie rod joint. Try wiggling the wheel/tire to feel for play/hear noise. Steering movement when stopped without the tire moving right away would be another indicator.

Depending on the wheel type, you can sometimes see the outer joint without removing the wheel to see movement there - any movement is bad (arm moves & tie rod doesn't).
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