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Steering wheel getting loose??!?

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So the other day I noticed as I backed into my spot at work, that my steering wheel felt like it was rubbing on the bezel cover beyond it. Then over the next day or so it really felt apparent and I was confused as to why it seemed like there was no gap between the wheel and bezel. So yesterday I pulled on the wheel a bit and was able to pull the wheel so that like over an inch of clearance between the bezel and back of steering wheel were there. After 100K miles is my steering wheel nut possibly loosened up?? Has anyone else in a US mk2 had a similar issue. Hell even mk1 or mk1.5s were all on the same chassis. I plan to take the steering wheel apart and take a look which is on the books cause I wanted to figure out how to put a hub and aftermarket wheel on her, the material on the S mk2 at least was the worst I ever seen, my wheel material was rubbing away and i ended up doing a paracord wrap over the major sections of the wheel so that I had something meaningful to grip, obviously this isnt relevant to the potentially loose wheel just venting on that. Thanks community have an awesome and blessed day.
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