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Starting Mods

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Hai, so I've been checking out this website for many different reasons so I decided to join. My ? currently is wat are some Basic Beginning Modifications that would be good exterior wise as well as engine. It currently has SRI but rest of engine is stock. As for body mods I have back windows 5% tinted of course going to b tinting fronts 20% and have some JDM Side Mirrors with white/blue leds on sides for blinkers. Will put picks up as soon as I take them and install Side mirrors.
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if ur on a budget you could always just paint the headlights and put in some cheap 5000k halogens for now. you could also take out random plastic bits from your interior to paint any colour you like. cheap and easy and looks good if done properly. and i suggest some good tyres if you dont already have some. some people spend hundreds on the suspension and leave the stock tyres on. oh and use some flex pipe to make a cold air feed for your sri and make a heat sheild to keep engine heat away.

just a quick question- how did you adjust the headlight? i find mine is too low even when i put it on the highest setting using the headlight levelling control inside the car.
atm your air filter will be sucking hot air from the engine bay. this is bad for power and possibly fuel economy. a heat sheil is nothing more than a shroud or box around the actual filter to block out as much engine heat as possible. flex pipe is any flexible tubing (dryer hose, vacuum hose etc...). you want something about 3inch diameter or more. one end of the tube will be down behind your front grill so air will blow into it when you move. the other end will near your air filter so it can suck in the cold fresh air. search the zetec performance forum and you should find some pics and/or better explanations.

and whats this white platic bar you speak of? where is it?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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