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Starting Mods

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Hai, so I've been checking out this website for many different reasons so I decided to join. My ? currently is wat are some Basic Beginning Modifications that would be good exterior wise as well as engine. It currently has SRI but rest of engine is stock. As for body mods I have back windows 5% tinted of course going to b tinting fronts 20% and have some JDM Side Mirrors with white/blue leds on sides for blinkers. Will put picks up as soon as I take them and install Side mirrors.
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Drop, projector headlights w/ 6000k HIDs, Euro or SVT grille, clear side markers, and of course stubby that fishing pole of an antenna. Oh, and colormatch the mirror backs, too.
Cat-or-flex-back exhaust
Also, Welcome to FF!

BTW which engine do You have, Zetec or SPI?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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