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So to start off I own a 2002 ford focus LX, bought off of craigslist(engine not running of course). So my dad and I bought a used engine with about 82000 miles on it, and did the swap. Everything on the vehicle has been running fine, for a year or so, up until a few months ago. I drove my car about a 17 mile distance, nothing wrong the whole trip. When i went to turn my car on it wouldn't turn over, so of course my dad and i related it to a starter issue, and proceeded to replace the starter. Started up right away, ran fine for a week. Until once again the same issue, we replaced the starter a second time, ran for a week, then it happened again, we sent it to a local garage who told us it was a bad starter, so we replaced the starter again ourselves, as well as the two relays that connect to the starter. It happened once again, this time with a battery light, so we replaced the alternator, along with the positive and negative battery cables connecting to the alternator, and the starter. Now just today it happened again. My dad and I are getting fed up with doing all the work, and we need to know what to do to fix the car.

So all together:
New alternator
3 (remanufactured) starters
2 new sets of relays
1 set of battery cables

The car will NOT turn over for me. Only when the car has been sitting, and has a cold engine will it turn over for me. Could it be something dealing with the fact the engine is hot, causing wires to expand somewhere?

Any help would be very much appreciated! My dad and I HATE the cost of repairs from a shop, so we do everything ourselves.
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