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EDIT: meant to post this in SPI Performance. If someone can move this thread there, that might be helpful.

Problem has occurred twice in two weeks. I go to start the car as normal, instead of starting, it makes a strange wooshing sound, then it doesn't want to start at all. Have to come back to it later and try again.

Check engine light now stays on, error code reads -

P0320 Ford - Ignition/Distributor Engine Speed Input Circuit Malfunction

Possible causes
- Faulty Ignition/Distributor engine speed sensor
- Faulty Crankshaft Position sensor
- Ignition/Distributor engine speed sensor harness is open or shorted
- Ignition/Distributor engine speed sensor circuit poor electrical connection
- Low battery charge
- Faulty Engine Control Module (ECM)

Does anyone know from similar experience, what is most likely to being going wrong? Battery seems like an easy place to start, but it's pure guess work.

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DTC P0606
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Funny, I show DTC P0320 as:

P0320 - Ignition Engine Speed Input Circuit Malfunction
The ignition engine speed sensor input signal to PCM is continuously monitored. The test fails when the signal indicates that two successive erratic profile ignition pickup (PIP) pulses have occurred.
Loose wires/connectors.
Arcing secondary ignition components (coil, wires and plugs)
On board transmitter (2-way radio)
The DTC indicates that two successive erratic PIP pulses occurred.

Easiest place to start would be by visually examining the primary ignition wiring harness near the coil as well as the spark plug wires and plugs for obvious faults.
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