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Starting issue and remote starts

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So I work at shop that installs starts all the time so for this part of the question ignore remote starts. This is an issue I have with my 2.3 dtech ST and my dads 2.0 dtech. It's sort of random when this happens but the starter cranks and cranks for like 5 seconds maybe longer and won't start but the second I tap on the gas it fires right up. I have no idea what this is, my very basic knowledge about an engine says its fuel injectors...sil if that's right or not but yeah. So what's Goin on there?
Now I have a remote start I took out of my 02 zx5 so I was thinking about it today and if I were to put that in my new car...I don't think it would work if I can't friggin start the car with the key without tapping the gas. Am I completely wrong am I doing something wrong? Lol please help
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Are they both '05's by chance?

Needing a second crank to start was not uncommon for those, reflash from Ford was supposed to help.

IIRC it was related to the IAC opening on them, you can prob. find some old info. on it with a bit of searching.
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