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I went and snagged myself a good zetec to build up over the winter but for now, I'm still playing with the good old SPI! :D

Ive been wanting to do the stang' TB mod for quite a while and am finally getting around to it but I notice one huge thing, the intake manifold of the SPI is bored to 56MM according to the replacement gasket for the adapter I'm making 'fel-pro 61157' and the stock stang' TB is bored to 73MM according to the TB and the replacement gasket for it as well.

Now correct me if I'm wrong but, wouldn't this just be useless if the manifold is bored to 56mm or am I missing something here? Am I supposed to taper the bore from 73mm down to around 60 or so that there will be no turbulence/bottle neck or...? Boring out the manifold wont work because of the IAC channel.

Seems a moot mod to me? Any ideas?[target]
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